While I am writing each day, a myriad of unresolved questions swarm my mind. Should I pursue traditional publishing? What about Indy? Should I continue to enter contests? How soon should I tell people about my stories? I have to tell you—there are a lot of questions.

Another question is when should I tell my non-fiction readers about my fiction side? Once I invite people into my more casual mind-set, opinions could change.

I’ve never been one of those people who eases the band-aide off. I grab the edge and rip. Sometimes that’s good. Other times not so much. Writers are sensitive and ripping the bandage off can be too much exposure. What if the wound opens and bleeds?

But it’s time.

So, thanks to a little help from my friends… and even though I haven’t made my publishing decisions, I’ve written descriptions of my works, both completed and in progress. They are on BarbaraEllinFox.com  and I’m inviting you to take a look.

For now I’ll tell you about Remember Not

Remember Not is book 1 in my developing series, Deep in Their Hearts.

Not many people know this, but when I started as a professional horse person my goal was to show jump. In those days, show jumping was called open jumping. The need to support myself got in the way of my career and I became an instructor and trainer of green horses. Green horses are the ones that know little. My lifestyle decisions set me on a path that I couldn’t change, so I root for Rylie Davis and Eskador in Remember Not.

Remember Not:

Rylie Davis is a single mom with a damaged past whose aim is to make it to the top in show jumping with her horse, Eskador. Her goal is to use her career as a horse trainer to support her daughter and herself. And to remain single. 

Jason Hughes is determined to make up for his past mistakes by letting his life reflect his Texas heritage and faith in Christ. He hires Rylie to train his top quarter horse for the show ring, except her talent includes riding her own  volatile Brazilian show horse.

When someone tries to kill Eskador, can Jason keep Rylie safe long enough to show his horse? And convince Rylie he’s worthy of her love?

Just for fun

And so I’m sure you know what Rylie and Eskador do, I’ve included a video of Beezie Madden and her horse, Judgement, jumping a Grand Prix.
Enjoy your day,
Barbara Ellin Fox


Lifetime horsewoman, Barbara weaves her extensive background with horses and their people into exciting stories about happily ever after for men, women, and horses. Barbara also enjoys helping others with horses and writing.

    • Hi Lara, I get so tired of asking myself the questions that I wonder how my family can stand to hear them again. Plus I keep changing sides! My own little battle field! I think this is when I’m supposed to trust God for the answers.😳 At least we know we’re all in this together. Thanks for your comment. Barbara

  • WooHoo!! I was so excited to see this post. Wonderful blurb and summary of your writing journey thus far. That video was kinda mesmerizing. Amazing jumping. I kept picturing a long blonde pony tail under the rider’s helmet 🙂

    • Thanks, Beth. Exposure is a little daunting! Yeah, I could picture Rylie’s head superimposed over Beezie’s too. Doesn’t she make it look easy? Barbara

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