Barbara Ellin Fox

Romance, Adventure & Horses

Set against a background of fine horses, my clean stories grow out of romance with a hefty dose of adventure and suspense — because life is exciting. Maybe a

handsome cowboy. Definitely a strong heroine who has overcome 

trials that would destroy others. 

And a faithful dog.


Writing is my passion. And horses.

I'll be the woman who wears a floppy hat and carries her glass of wine through the barn aisle while stroking the noses of horses when I'm 60, 80, 95 years old.

Always the horses.

What are you the most passionate about?

Might our passions cross paths, bump into each other, and visit? My email address is I'd love to "talk" with you.


Fiction, nonfiction, a blog or a letter, I've been compelled to write since grade school. read more


Riding and horses in America have a unique history to pass to the next generation. read more


What a joy to develop video courses for writers and horse lovers. This is a new project.

read more

Teaching & Training

All relationships improve when they're grounded in understanding and kindness. read more

Special HORSES

Wild HOrses

Wild free-roaming horses and burros. Living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the historic west. read more


Reno is a true wild horse, chased by a government helicopter out of the Nevada Mountains during one of the most famous and tragic BLM roundups. Our story is still unfolding, and we’ve had our share of ups and downs, but for me, Reno is that one special horse. read more

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