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“ This is Reno the mustang, my formally wild horse from the mountains of northern Nevada. Click to learn more about Reno.”

Hi, I'm Barbara Ellin Fox. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm a horse lover who writes stories with wounded heroes and heroines who dig deep to pull on their courage and strengths. And I love romance with a bit of adventure. After all, I don't know a horse person  whose life hasn't taken some twists and turns. Do you?

And there's more. . .

If you'd like tips about including horses in your stories, check out my blog posts and the videos with Write Horses Right. Even if you aren't writing horses but love them, the videos will interest you.

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So there it is. . . Romance, adventure, and horses. What more could a person ask for?

For Love & Horses, book #1

Remember Not

She believes her rehabilitated show jumper is the ticket to the top for financial stability for herself and her daughter, but someone is out to kill her horse. 

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Cover of Last Wish. A girl on a chestnut horse and a tan dog


June made a mistake that cost her a competitive career with horses. Now she has her hands full with Hoof ‘n Woof, a bakery for horses and dogs, a food truck, her horse, and two Golden Retrievers, until Michael returns and her world turns upside down. If you love horses and dogs, you'll enjoy the first book in the Hoof ‘n Woof romance series.

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