Where the WIld Ones Roam

Wild Horses, Cowboys, Romance, Suspense

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WHERE THE WILD ONES ROAM  Book Two of the For Love & Horses Series. 

She can’t stop the government from scraping thousands of horses from the wild, but she can photo document one herd.

ER nurse, Kristi Trevisano is passionate about wild horses and photography. She only shares knowledge of her precious time in the wilderness on a need-to-know basis.

Bob’s cattle rancher father and grandfather were forces behind exterminating wild horses from Texas. He’s CEO of Clayton Industries, a navigational software company and swears he’s nothing like his father. Or is he?

Kristi’s five-year grant to photo document a herd of wild horses expires soon, and the last thing she needs in an interfering rancher getting in her way, even if he claims he’s only a computer geek, especially when she and the horses are running out of time.

An AMAZON Review:

This story had me on the edge of my chair from the beginning to the last page! It takes the reader right into the remote west where wild horses still roam. The descriptions are vivid, the emotions are electrifying! If you love horses and a fight-for-the-woman romance, this is it!

Odds are stacked against Kristi as she desperately tries to document a wild horse herd before it's destroyed by the ranchers who want control of the land. Bob fell, and fell hard, for the spirited woman who insists she has no time for love. When she learns more about his family, her opinion of him hits the skids.

When Kristi confronts the ranchers, Bob is the only one who can rescue her. Will he be quick enough? If he succeeds, she'll never want to see him again.  Amazon Review

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