My Horses

There have been a lot of special horses in my life and here are pictures and videos of a few of them. Some of the horses are still in the pasture, others have moved on to new owners, and a few are no longer alive. All of them hold special memories of training and/or teaching people to ride

NS Fiero, Canadian National Champion, Legion of Supreme Honor


FSH Reno's Legacy, BLM Mustang

Blue Blazes (BB), Best medium pony ever!

Rick Fox and Viarta's Special (Spud) American Quarter Horse ex-racer

Chippy and Emma's Christmas shoot, photographer Alisha Fox. Photo published in the Chronicle of the Horse

Alisha Fox and Jackson, Thoroughbred ex-racer

Blue Blazes (BB) and his rider at an Oak Creek Pony Club Rally

Capi bucket

"May I have more please?" Cappy, Percheron, wearing a fly mask and lifting his dinner bowl. 

Holly and Jumper, Warmblood cross

Alisha Fox and Jackson galloping the water obstacle on cross country at St. Johns, Arizona

*Arosa, a gift

*Arosa (sire El Paso, dam Arra) Arabian mare imported from Poland

Jenny and Jumper, Alisha and Spud at cross country, Fort Tuthill, Arizona

Chocolate Chip (best small pony ever!) and beginner rider competing in Pony Club rally, Flagstaff, Arizona

Hogan gives a riding lesson in Flagstaff, Arizona

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