Barbara Ellin Fox

Hi, Reno and I are happy to see you.!

With the way he's searching my pockets for treats, you might not believe Reno was a wild horse. But he is. The government rounded him up by helicopter from Granite Range, Nevada. We have been buds for a dozen years of adventure, worth every minute of my time.

Horses have been my daily focus since I was a little girl, and are part of my story, whether in fiction, nonfiction, or everyday life.

I'm glad you're here.


Coming Soon! Remember Not

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Book One of the For Love & Horses Series. An Equestrian Romance.

Single mom, Rylie Davis believes her rehabilitated show jumper, Eskador, is the ticket to the top, but someone is out to kill the horse.

"REMEMBER NOT" is a gripping tale of redemption, trust, and the lengths one will go to protect what they love. Perfect for fans of Debbie Macomber's wholesome stories, and the deep stories of   Nicholas Sparks.

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The Characters

  • Marcus is a man with a single, modest goal in life: to be remarkably, lavishly, and scandalously rich. There's just one small problem... how do you make money when you're being pursued by the local mob, the city guards, and a jilted fiancée?
  • Eleanor is a woman who hates the term jilted. Or scorned. Or rejected. As far as Eleanor is concerned, a promise is a promise, and she intends to collect on hers with interest!
  • Yuriy runs a family-owned business with a wide range of income streams: gambling, "protection", bribery, blackmail, violence, and a little light relocation of pre-owned property. But Yuriy will do anything for his only daughter... and if she wants a wedding, that's exactly what she'll get.
Book Title

In my own words...

Set against a background of fine horses, my clean stories grow out of romance with a hefty dose of adventure and suspense — because life is exciting, and never simple. In my books, you'll find a swoon worthy hero. There's definitely a strong heroine who has overcome trials that would destroy a weaker person. 

And sometimes a faithful dog.

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