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Black Horse Rearing

My stories build from romance first, and then action works its way in, because, let's face it. Life is exciting. With my love for horses, the equestrian theme fits, although now and again a dog will take center stage the way Bailey did in Last Wish. An East meets West background adds an extra bit of sizzle to create exciting adventures with happily ever-afters for people and their horses. read more

“Bullfight horses are bred for bravery. Eskador’s smart and intuitive. You can’t lie or hide anything with a horse, especially not this one. Right now, he thinks he’s bigger and more powerful than you.” Rylie Davis (quote from my 1st novel Remember Not)


A person can't help but stay busy writing fiction, blogging for two websites and developing curriculum and courses. In the future, there may even be a cookbook on preparing horse treats from my famous herbal recipes. read more


As a kid, I stood at the rail in the old Madison Square Garden next to the puissance wall the night the record breaking jump of 7'1" was achieved. The horse cantered to the wall, grunted, and then went silent. Ears appeared at the top of the wall, followed by the horse's knees,  then the rest of the horse. I still hear the thud as the horse hit the ground and cantered off, then the thunder of spectators. Moments like those should never be forgotten. Nor should we forget our rich American horsemanship history. Visit U.S. Horsemanship.

riding instructor

For fourteen years, has been my vehicle to encourage instructors by providing lesson plans, discussing issues, and commenting on current industry trends. I especially love to focus on basics to help the new instructor. In my world, the beginner rider keeps the industry building.

I love what I do… can you tell?

Do Your Heroes Ride Horses?

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