What's There to Love?

Thoroughbreds racing, Kentucky, Texas, Romance

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What's There to Love?  Book Three of the For Love & Horses Series. 

Like a Thoroughbred racehorse, she runs to win.

Chad McCollough doesn’t allow women to ride his Thoroughbred racehorses, yet his new horse refuses to warm up to any man. He breaks his own rules and tries to hire a female exercise rider. but she tells him her dance card is full. 

To make matters worse his childhood friend has disappeared. He may have walked away from his past after his dad’s murder, but he always knew Lizzie was safe on her Kentucky horse farm.

Lizzie Stratton has three dreams — for Chad to see her as grown up and beautiful, her father to love her, and she wants to build a career with Thoroughbreds.

Chad betrayed their friendship before she entered high school. After college, her father tried to force her to marry a stranger to cover his debts.

With her first two dreams destroyed, Lizzie clings to the steely determination of her Southern Belle heritage. She leaves home and alters her prim and proper  identity to learn the racing industry from the ground up. 

Until someone decides she’ll never ride again.

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