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Last Wish

Dogs, Horses, a Food Truck, a Bakery for Horse & Dog Moms and Their Fur-babies, Second-chance Romance, and Suspense

LAST WISH, a Hoof 'n Woof Romance

Can one man repair the damage he did to three lives… after he’s dead?

June Cowan had a choice—tell Michael Bainbridge the truth and ruin his life or take his grandfather’s offer to start her dream business. She loved Michael, so she chose the second option and ghosted him. Six years later, she has transformed herself from a broken-hearted college student into the darling of Brookwood, Missouri’s pet community.

Washington, D.C. attorney, Michael, moves home after the death of his grandfather. He’s never stopped loving his childhood sweetheart, June, and now securing his inheritance depends on her cooperation, something that expired when he left for law school.

June avoids Michael, waiting for the perfect time to tell him the truth. It’s life changing and he’ll hate her for what she did. Avoiding him isn’t easy since he’s her new landlord at the Hoof ‛n Woof Bakery for horses and dogs, and he asks too many questions.

Struggling with vendors and red tape for permits for the biggest pet festival Brookwood has ever seen, June is at her wit’s end. She’ll never get things ready in time, especially when it’s clear someone is trying to destroy her business. Will she finally trust Michael when her life is threatened?

Or will Michael end up shattered and lose everything he loves?

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