Facebook sent me an email to tell me someone had requested my password be reset. If I hadn’t made this request, they wanted me to let them know. So, I clicked the “Let Us

How Do They See? Fly masks come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Some are made from net. In my opinion the most durable are made from textilene, a vinyl mesh fabric. Textilene

As a child, my first horse’s name was Red. The name held no great imagination, but that was his name when my dad bought him. He was a bright chestnut with a flaxen mane

We all have our bug-a-boos, or things that will stop us from reading a story. For me, it’s certain words related to horses. I’ll own that I might be a little sensitive when it

Sometimes, even on very nice days, Reno has to spend a few hours during the afternoon in his stall because, um, just like his horse mom, he tends to overeat. He’s never happy when

Forty-one years ago an Arabian filly of royal parentage was born in Poland. *Arosa’s sire, *El Paso, was the US and Canadian National Champion who sold for a million dollars. *Arosa’s dam (mother), *Arra,

My blog intention isn’t to write lots of reviews but I read another good story that I want to share with you, especially those who love suspense and police procedure stories. Collision of Lies

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens has sold an awesome 4.5 million copies, and in 2019 sold more copies than any other adult book- fiction or non-fiction. It also held the number 1 slot

It’s always exciting to discover an author you love has begun a new series. I love Tina Radcliffe’s stories, so Finding the Road Home was a fun one to read. Daisy Anderson is one

I’m excited to tell you about a book, Three Little Things, I recently read written by debut author, Patti Stockdale. There is no doubt this story was written with love, not just the love

Anyone who has animals knows that sooner or later you must face end of life issues. It’s especially hard when the time comes for a longtime friend, like Chocolate Chip. Today was her day

There are so many creatives in my family and extended family that if you can’t design, make, or at least improve a project someone’s liable to ask you for a DNA sample. This goes

My first experience with wild horses came more than 20 years ago in Arizona when I worked with a horse whisperer who caught wild horses off the Hopi reservation. Steve Harris also trained BLM

The spray painted 90 foot Norway Spruce at my Grandmother’s farm in 1949. A man stands at the base. December first naturally brings with it the guilt that I have yet to decorate our

A recent afternoon at a rodeo planted Willie Nelson’s song “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys” firmly in my brain. Early Cowboys Growing up glued to the T.V. watching Roy Rogers, My Friend Flicka,

Who doesn’t love to read a new Christmas story? I look forward all year for the Christmas Read season to begin. And I love Christmas With the Cowboy, Tina Radcliffe’s latest edition to the

Knowing how to talk about the size of a horse might seem like a mundane topic but a writer should know certain trigger words because their incorrect use is a dead giveaway to horse lovers.

Recently I did a presentation called “Horses for Writers” for  my local ACFW chapter.  As I prepared, I was amazed at the amount of basic  equestrian terminology require for historical fiction. Horses were used

In 1969, before there were certifications for riding instructors, I graduated from a riding program in Maryland, certified to teach riding and train horses. The program was tough, backed by the Maryland Department of

Organic Writing Organic writing is described as ‘seat of the pants’ writing where story falls out of the pen possibly leading down the dark halls of no return.  Adversaries claim the writer dives in

I live by plans, whether it is the future with the horses, teaching riding, training, or writing. I have a plan for everything, my horses, my manuscripts, both fiction and non-fiction. Teaching Riding When

Horse whisperers learn to recognize and reward “try.” What is “Try” “Try” is the smallest, sometimes almost imperceptible, effort the horse makes to do what you ask. It may be as big as a

Have you ever considered how addicting the hunger for time is? We cannot influence how much time we’re given, yet it’s one of our most precious gifts. The wealthiest person in the world cannot

When I was a kid and wanted to learn to ride, I spent hours practicing not just for a summer but year after year. I took lessons riding any horse available, went to summer

What’s in a Name? I’ve mentioned in my post Horse Whisperer, What Does it Mean? the label horse whisperer was glamorized by the 1998 movie based on a book by Nicholas Sparks. But my

If you like horses and cowboys (and cowgirls) you’ll enjoy Tina Radcliffe’s new book, Falling for the Cowgirl. But cowgirls and horses are not the only attractive parts of the story. Falling for the

While I am writing each day, a myriad of unresolved questions swarm my mind. Should I pursue traditional publishing? What about Indy? Should I continue to enter contests? How soon should I tell people

Reno is my BLM mustang who was captured by the government during the horrendous Calico round-up in Northern Nevada. In fact, his HMA (herd management area) Granite Range is the setting for my current

In the 2007 movie “Wild Hogs” four middle aged suburban men take a motorcycle road trip to California on a search to find themselves. Along the way the four biker wannabes get into a

Morning in the barn is a favorite time for me. I love the sounds and the interaction with the animals. Hoping to find a way to share my blessings with you, I took photos

 When did I first love horses? Not exactly a burning question for anyone other than myself, but every now and then, when I survey the Missouri farm and multiple horses in the pasture, I wonder—How did

Capi is a 17.1 hand Percheron horse who weighs 1850 pounds.  That means he’s one inch taller at his withers (front part of his back) than I am at the top of my head,

Has desperation ever driven you to try something new? When you’re well educated in your field and you’ve been at your craft for a long time it’s easy to become skeptical of new methods.

As writers we are told to discover or determine our character’s worst fear. Is she afraid of losing someone? Losing a job? Sickness? Losing her life? I had difficulty pinpointing just one worst fear

Being labeled a horse whisperer has not always been good for the person or the horse. In the 17th century there was a possibility that a person caught speaking to animals would be accused

What is a Dressage Test? A dressage test is a performance done by a horse and rider. There is a prescribed pattern during which the rider and horse perform certain movements. A judge with

Rather than computer games or TV, reading is my entertainment, and I become frustrated when I can’t find a book to crawl into for a terrific adventure. I’d caught up on the latest releases

Writing the end should be a peak among peaks for a writer but the problem with mountains is they rise out of valleys. The highs and lows for a writer. I was with Rylie

I Choose to Laugh There are days when I look back at my writing path and laugh (yes out loud) at myself, because crying would be just plain dumb. Besides, I never feel better

I’ve been diligently working on a book proposal. This, I can tell you, is no small undertaking. One of the larger stumbling blocks in this project is book comparison. Book comparison? If my book

The view from my office window says it’s one of those gloomy sorts of days. Cloudy. Not with white puffy clouds that make you happy but with the grey ones, lacking shape, moving quickly