How Do They See? Fly masks come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Some are made from net. In my opinion the most durable are made from textilene, a vinyl mesh fabric. Textilene

As a child, my first horse’s name was Red. The name held no great imagination, but that was his name when my dad bought him. He was a bright chestnut with a flaxen mane

Sometimes, even on very nice days, Reno has to spend a few hours during the afternoon in his stall because, um, just like his horse mom, he tends to overeat. He’s never happy when

Forty-one years ago an Arabian filly of royal parentage was born in Poland. *Arosa’s sire, *El Paso, was the US and Canadian National Champion who sold for a million dollars. *Arosa’s dam (mother), *Arra,

Anyone who has animals knows that sooner or later you must face end of life issues. It’s especially hard when the time comes for a longtime friend, like Chocolate Chip. Today was her day

Knowing how to talk about the size of a horse might seem like a mundane topic but a writer should know certain trigger words because their incorrect use is a dead giveaway to horse lovers.

I live by plans, whether it is the future with the horses, teaching riding, training, or writing. I have a plan for everything, my horses, my manuscripts, both fiction and non-fiction. Teaching Riding When

Reno is my BLM mustang who was captured by the government during the horrendous Calico round-up in Northern Nevada. In fact, his HMA (herd management area) Granite Range is the setting for my current

Morning in the barn is a favorite time for me. I love the sounds and the interaction with the animals. Hoping to find a way to share my blessings with you, I took photos

 When did I first love horses? Not exactly a burning question for anyone other than myself, but every now and then, when I survey the Missouri farm and multiple horses in the pasture, I wonder—How did