Facebook sent me an email to tell me someone had requested my password be reset. If I hadn’t made this request, they wanted me to let them know. So, I clicked the “Let Us

How Do They See? Fly masks come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Some are made from net. In my opinion the most durable are made from textilene, a vinyl mesh fabric. Textilene

As a child, my first horse’s name was Red. The name held no great imagination, but that was his name when my dad bought him. He was a bright chestnut with a flaxen mane

We all have our bug-a-boos, or things that will stop us from reading a story. For me, it’s certain words related to horses. I’ll own that I might be a little sensitive when it

Sometimes, even on very nice days, Reno has to spend a few hours during the afternoon in his stall because, um, just like his horse mom, he tends to overeat. He’s never happy when

Forty-one years ago an Arabian filly of royal parentage was born in Poland. *Arosa’s sire, *El Paso, was the US and Canadian National Champion who sold for a million dollars. *Arosa’s dam (mother), *Arra,

My blog intention isn’t to write lots of reviews but I read another good story that I want to share with you, especially those who love suspense and police procedure stories. Collision of Lies

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens has sold an awesome 4.5 million copies, and in 2019 sold more copies than any other adult book- fiction or non-fiction. It also held the number 1 slot

It’s always exciting to discover an author you love has begun a new series. I love Tina Radcliffe’s stories, so Finding the Road Home was a fun one to read. Daisy Anderson is one

I’m excited to tell you about a book, Three Little Things, I recently read written by debut author, Patti Stockdale. There is no doubt this story was written with love, not just the love