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Why Worry About Horse Facts?

Horse lovers are passionate people and when they read a horse story, or a story that has a horse in it, they look to see if the author got the details right. That cowboy in the story needs to get his terminology right or the reader who is educated in horse speak loses respect for him… and maybe for the author, too.

Are horse lovers are just touchy about their critters? With thirty-eight million households in America containing a horse lover, should an author brush the details aside and wing it? 

Probably not. That's why I put together some videos with tips about including horses in stories, even if they play a minor role, like pulling the wagon west. 

Where can you find the videos? At one time I offered them as a newsletter sign up incentive, but I found the gateway to hosting the courses on my website was difficult for members to find and just as difficult for me to manage. Now the courses are available on my YouTube channel , in individual posts on my blog, and eventually I'll have a special place on my website that you can access them all at once. And as always, they are free.

With courses no longer an incentive for signing up, you might wonder why you would join my newsletter. A lot of things go on in my newsletters that never make a video or blog post. For example, I include little tips about writing with horses and actual stories about my own horses. Plus, there's the news about the stories I write and when they're available. And there's more. I hope you'll sign up and find out. If you do and you have a newsletter of your own, I'll do my best to follow yours.

I hope my videos help you confidently include horses in your stories.

Thanks for reading this post.


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A lifetime horsewoman, Barbara weaves her extensive background with horses and their people into exciting stories about happily ever after for men, women, and horses.

Barbara also loves to help people with horses and writing.

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