I Fell in Love with The Remnant Chronicles & Became a Glutton

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Rather than computer games or TV, reading is my entertainment, and I become frustrated when I can’t find a book to crawl into for a terrific adventure. I’d caught up on the latest releases of my favorite authors and had numerous other books that were either boring or had simple plots. Everywhere I looked, I was disappointed by light-weight morals, and characters who couldn’t speak unless they used the most popular profanity. Give me a plot with depth, romance, adventure and make it contemporary. And they’re always better if they have a horse or two. Call me frustrated and hard to please.

Months ago my daughter had suggested her favorite trilogy, The Remnant Chronicles. “It’s kind of a love story,” she said.

“But not contemporary,” I said. Actually, inside I whined.

Sigh. I put book 1 The Kiss of Deception by Mary Pearson on hold with my library website and waited for the alert to download it to my Kindle. Hmm. Alisha’s impatience as she’d waited for the next stories came to mind. A waiting list is a good sign. I felt encouraged.

Shortly after I started reading I gave a sigh and knew I was into a good story. Half-way through The Kiss of Deception I went back to the library web page and reserved book 2 The Heart of Betrayal and book 3 The Beauty of Darkness. Part way through book 3 I went to Amazon and ordered all three in hard copy. I knew this was a series I wanted to rake over multiple times, word by word.

Why I Became a Glutton

The Remnant Chronicles tells the journey of a young self absorbed royal who develops in strengths and learns to fight for the less fortunate. It involves personal sacrifice and pain and is an epic coming-into-your-own, good verses evil tale. The author took me through three kingdoms, all different and all perfectly clear. The heroine starts out with a problem that immediately reveals her character and personality and she’s oblivious to the unintended consequences of what she’s done. There are multiple heroes with broken journeys, plenty of bad guys, a plot with some infuriating twists and turns. And there are multiple romances.

The biggest switch comes midway through book 1 when the author has you screeching to a halt and scrambling to the beginning of the story to see how you could possibly have gotten things so wrong. More than once I knew what would happen only to be surprised by a change of direction. And the heroine constantly did the things that I didn’t want her to do, proving she wasn’t driven by my goals. The last few chapters almost caused a physical reaction from stress, but when I clicked out of my Kindle I was satisfied.

While Lia, the royal, convinced herself that grubs were delicious, I raced cover to cover, gobbling up the stories like a glutton and finished the trilogy in 5 days. Now I can’t wait until my hard copies arrive so I can go back through them slowly to find what the author did to make me crazy.

The Genre

Mary Pearson’s venue is young adult, dystopian, science fiction. There is some cursing and there are some steamy scenes. The characters are guided by their beliefs in stories and gods plural.  It didn’t bother me because I was reading for entertainment and good writing, not for a theological lesson.  On Amazon the three books have a total of over 1300 reviews and they all have a four and half star ratings. I’d recommend The Remnant Chronicles to anyone  who wants to get lost in adventure and romance.

And now I’ve finished The Remnant Chronicles. I need another exciting read. Do you have any suggestions?

Barbara Ellin Fox


Lifetime horsewoman, Barbara weaves her extensive background with horses and their people into exciting stories about happily ever after for men, women, and horses. Barbara also enjoys helping others with horses and writing.

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