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The Story Behind Last Wish

Last Wish is a story that has lots of true life connection for me. It is loosely based on an area of Kansas City in which my husband grew up and his grandparents indeed had one of those “mansions.” I enjoyed asking him questions about the culture of the area. Kids did play in the snow along the parkway and the area has transformed the trolly trails into hiking and walking paths constantly filled with families and dogs.

multiple bags of Bozzy's Blue Ribbon Horse Treats on a counter

There were 3 product lines. Bozzy’s Blue Ribbon Cookies made fun treats combining natural ingredients with spices. Equi-Herb, a treat combining herbs with natural ingredients. And ArkBarkery for dogs.

My husband claims Last Wish is a business plan for a treats company. The idea for the Hoof ‘n Woof stems from a horse treats company that began as a business model for my daughters during our homeschool years. The horse treats traveled worldwide, as far as Japan.

We sold mainly on the internet, but thoroughly enjoyed having booths at horse shows and kiosks in malls during the holidays. We loved meeting our customers in person and hearing stories about their pets.

In Last Wish, June took our dreams to the next level with a food truck devoted to pet treats and a bakery café where pet owners could gather to enjoy food and conversation.

Two bags of ArkBarkery dog treats on a counter

And ArkBarkery made simple recipe dog treats, like Slamin’ Salmon, Pumpkin Patch, and Chicken & Rice.

Bailey was the perfect model for a Goldie personality. She belonged to my daughter and truly believed everyone existed to make a fuss over her. She was an endless ball player and gentle with children, but she was also a bit of a klutz, flopping anywhere and occasionally tripping people.

A brown dog has put a tennis ball on a laptop keyboard

Sometimes she put her ball on my keyboard

A tan dog with a softball in its mouth

Bailey loved to play ball.

a tan dog wearing a paper sign that reads I ate my mother's cucumbers

Sometimes her enthusiasm got her in trouble

Puppy Bailey was easily distracted. When she finished her puppy classes, the trainer suggested she wait for a little more maturity before moving to the next level. She loved performing the things she learned in her dog lessons. Sadly, we lost Bailey way too early in 2022.

A tan dog with it's head resting on a table with its tennis ball and a laptop

She used to put her balls by my lap top, hoping to play


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