Welcome horse lover my name ​is Barbara Ellin Fox

​I am an author of fiction and nonfiction, an historian, a riding instruct​or, a wife, mother and grandmother.

Life with horses is rewarding, full of good times, and hard work. After decades of working with extraordinary equines and their people, I have the privilege of writing their stories.

God delights in the horse. He made him powerful, yet cooperative, strong and sensitive, ​gentle and a little bit wild.

Horses have won wars, settled wilderness, develop nations and countries. They have been vital to every day life for thousands of years carting families, plowing fields, delivering the mail—until our time when they are mostly a luxury and used for pleasure.

Horses have been the subject of the imagination through fables, poetry,  stories and art. And romance- even our knights in shining armor ride in on a horse.

Where would the world be if God had not created the magnificent equine? My life wouldn’t have been the adventure I’ve lived. What about you? What would your life be without your horse?

​About My ​Passions

​I’m an all-in/ full-on person who hasn’t been bored since tenth grade. Below are four of my passions. What are you most passionate about?

​I ​Write Fiction & Non-Fiction

​It doesn’t matter whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, a blog or a letter, I have been compelled to write since grade school.

​I Teach Riding​

I am passionate about teaching the correct principals of horsemanship no matter the seat or style of riding.​​

​I am an Historian

​The development of America’s unique style of riding is steeped in history as is the growth of our nation.

​I​ ​Train Horses

​​Training a horse is a relationship. All relationships are better when they are grounded in understanding and kindness.

“Bullfight horses are bred for bravery. Eskador’s smart and intuitive. You can’t lie or hide anything with a horse, especially not this one. Right now, he thinks he’s bigger and more powerful than you.” Rylie Davis (quote from my 1st novel)

A​bout my horses

​Horses have almost as many personalities and character traits as people. In almost 60 years of owning horses, I’ve been blessed with many memorable characters and I’d like to share their stories with you,

​my mustang reno's legacy 

​Reno is a true wild horse, chased by a government helicopter out of the Nevada Mountains during one of the most famous and tragic BLM round ups. Our story is still unfolding, and we’ve had our share of ups and downs, but for me, Reno is that one special horse.

What Others Say


​Your blog is refreshing and just full of wonderful information. Often times helping me think through things in a new perspective. I just wanted to Thank you for all the time you put into this.

Emily N

​​CHA Certified Instructor


​I am a huge fan. You are a rare combination of intelligent, well-educated, great writer, and solid horsewoman. Thank you for what

you do.

Nancy M
​Riding Instructor and Writer


​I love using your blog posts, articles and entire website for my teaching classes​…  Your website has become a “go to” for me when discussing certain topics​​… ​in my lab/lecture series…

Sarah T
​​Assistant Professor

​​My Other ​Passion

​​And what else but wild horses?

Barbara Ellin Fox

​I am a life-long horsewoman, an author, a teacher, trainer, mom, grandmother, wife, and a follower of Jesus. I believe in giving the best effort you have, and I’m thankful for every day I am able to enjoy doing the things I love.


of Interest 

​Writing awards

​Contests have their own special way of honing an author's skills. Receiving critiques can either destroy your motivation or guide you to better writing. I love to share what I’ve learned.


​​my reading

​I love to read whether it’s to research a project, to develop my skills, for entertainment, or to just plain escape the every day world for a few minutes. When I can’t put a good book down, I’ve been known to read through the night. How about you?


​My community

​Authors spend the lion’s share of their time alone with their imaginary friends, but it’s the friends in the writing community who are most valuable. Meet some of the great people in my imaginary and my real worlds.

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