Horses are a gift from God.

If you agree, then I bet we could be friends

Welcome Horse Lover

Life with horses is rewarding, full of good times, and hard work. After decades of working with extraordinary equines and their people, I have the privilege of writing their stories.

God delights in the horse. He made him powerful, yet cooperative, strong and sensitive, gentile and a little bit wild.

Horses have won wars, settled wilderness, develop nations and countries. They have been vital to every day life for thousands of years carting families, plowing fields, delivering the mail—until our time when they are mostly a luxury and used for pleasure.

Horses have been the subject of the imagination through fables, poetry,  stories and art. And romance- even our knights in shining armor ride in on a horse.

Where would the world be if God had not created the magnificent equine? My life wouldn’t have been the adventure I’ve lived. What about you? What would your life be without your horse?