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Second Chances, Jumpers, Cowboys, Horse Whisperers, & Romance

Book One of the For Love & Horses Series. 

She believes her rehabilitated show jumper is the ticket to the top for financial stability for herself and her daughter, but someone is out to kill Rthe horse.

After finding Eskador on the horsey junk heap in Mexico, Rylie Davis has spent six years building a relationship with the powerful jumper. But with one big win under their belts, everything changes.

Rylie Davis believes Eskador, her formerly abused show jumper, is her ticket to the top. Winning the $40,000 Pandora Grand Prix is not only the culmination of six years of rehab for the horse, but it proves Rylie’s ability as a horse trainer, which will provide badly needed stability and financial security for herself and her daughter. What she doesn’t know is the publicity Eskador receives for the big win puts him in the sights of a killer.

Jason Hughes has finally found the horse trainer he needs to take his breeding program to the next level, only he sees Rylie as more than a potential employee. Poor judgement on his part ruins his credibility with Rylie. He’ll do whatever it takes to gain her trust, including protecting Eskador, the horse that humiliated him.

When what she cherishes most is ripped from her hands, Rylie must decide if she can trust Jason’s help. 

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