the riding instructor began about ten years ago as a resource of ideas and help for riding instructors and those who wanted to become riding instructors. The motto is “For those who teach and those who learn.” I blog on a variety of topics from teaching basics to lesson plans and curriculum to solving problems with students.  I love to hear from other horse lovers. If you’re interested in riding be sure to check out RI News. You will find a sign-up form at The Riding Instructor. And for more from The Riding Instructor, consider following  The Riding Instructor on Facebook

u.s. horsemanship

I’m an equestrian historian and is my website devoted to horsemanship in America. You’ll also find USHorsemanship on Facebook.

Guest Blogs

I enjoy blogging as a guest for other blog sites on a variety of topics.

Other Non-Fiction Projects will feature a course for writers who need a little help when it comes to adding horses to their manuscripts. Look for one geared toward historical writing and another for the author of contemporary stories. 

Currently underway is a course for people who are just beginning to learn to ride. There is much to remember when starting out, and riders have lots questions, especially after lessons. This course explains what you are learning and what you need to know to progress well.

Also in the works is a new series of lessons plans that can be used in a variety of settings. These will be available at

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