When we decorate for Christmas at our house, it's nearly impossible not to think of the Christmas stockings we've made over the years.

Facebook sent me an email to tell me someone had requested my password be reset. If I hadn’t made this request, they wanted me to let them know. So, I clicked the “Let Us

There are so many creatives in my family and extended family that if you can’t design, make, or at least improve a project someone’s liable to ask you for a DNA sample. This goes

The spray painted 90 foot Norway Spruce at my Grandmother’s farm in 1949. A man stands at the base. December first naturally brings with it the guilt that I have yet to decorate our

A recent afternoon at a rodeo planted Willie Nelson’s song “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys” firmly in my brain. Early Cowboys Growing up glued to the T.V. watching Roy Rogers, My Friend Flicka,

In 1969, before there were certifications for riding instructors, I graduated from a riding program in Maryland, certified to teach riding and train horses. The program was tough, backed by the Maryland Department of

Organic Writing Organic writing is described as ‘seat of the pants’ writing where story falls out of the pen possibly leading down the dark halls of no return.  Adversaries claim the writer dives in

Have you ever considered how addicting the hunger for time is? We cannot influence how much time we’re given, yet it’s one of our most precious gifts. The wealthiest person in the world cannot

Morning in the barn is a favorite time for me. I love the sounds and the interaction with the animals. Hoping to find a way to share my blessings with you, I took photos

 When did I first love horses? Not exactly a burning question for anyone other than myself, but every now and then, when I survey the Missouri farm and multiple horses in the pasture, I wonder—How did