What I write:
I write clean contemporary romantic suspense, heavy on the romance and horses, with the occasional dog working itself to center stage. I love to develop strong heroines who have overcome difficulties in life and who meet dream worthy heroes. And of course, an equestrian setting is my favorite. (More on my writing journey.)

Here are descriptions for a few of my unpublished stories:

National Velvet meets The Godfather

A single mom/horse trainer believes her rehabilitated show jumper is the ticket to the top and financial stability for herself and her daughter, but someone is out to kill the horse.

Social worker, Kate Malloy, lands her dream job working with horses and disadvantaged kids until she discovers the program’s head is the football player she crushed on in high school. She’s avoided him for thirteen years. When her secret is exposed, a child disappears.

When Michael Bainbridge left home for a career in Washington DC, June didn’t mention she was pregnant. Now six years later he’s back to claim an inheritance that depends on June's success in business. She must tell him he has a son, keep things running with her animal rescues and canine cafe— And stop whoever is out to make her fail.


A schoolteacher is on the way home from a summer dressage clinic in Wyoming when a run in with a moose kills her dreams, lands her on a ranch with two handsome brothers, and in the path of a research scientist who is developing an illegal performance enhancing drug for racehorses.

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