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I’m excited to tell you about a book, Three Little Things, I recently read written by debut author, Patti Stockdale.

There is no doubt this story was written with love, not just the love between the heroine and hero, but love from the author as well. Reading the account of the author’s process for research and writing was nearly as stimulating as the book itself.

Three Little Things is a love story that is born during World War I. However, the story encompasses so much more than the central relationship of Arno and Hattie. We watch affection develop between the two as they correspond and share three things that are important to them. In our days of telephone, texting and internet it can be hard to imagine writing letters and the excruciating wait for mail. Arno and Hattie were not only tested by distance, but also by the disapproval of Hattie’s father. These obstacles only matured their love.

While Arno and Hattie learn about each other and fall in love, the reader has an in-depth soldier’s view of the training for war and of war itself, and how the expectations didn’t match the experience. We also learn what it was like to be the ones left behind. The last few scenes in the book are especially touching.

Three Little things is well researched and well written. I felt as if I was part of the scenes at bootcamp and could really picture the surroundings and activities. And I loved the mention of Fort Dix since that’s where my brother started his military life.

If you enjoy historical fiction that is based on a true story, or if you like stories about the lives of people who lived through WWI, Three Little Things is perfect for you. Perhaps you’re looking for a new time period to read about and love small town life. Give this story a read. I loved it.

In the TV interview below Patti shares the story of her writing journey and how real love letters shared between her grandparents during WWI were the basis for this story. And please, visit Patti Stockdale’s web page

Three Little Things is available on Amazon


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  • What a beautiful review, Barbara. I’m looking forward to reading this story. Thank you for adding a great book to my list.

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