It’s Time for a Super Christmas Read from Tina Radcliffe

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Who doesn’t love to read a new Christmas story? I look forward all year for the Christmas Read season to begin. And I love Christmas With the Cowboy, Tina Radcliffe’s latest edition to the Big Heart Ranch series.

This story is like one big family reunion and so much fun. A cowboy Scrooge is in for an awakening  when Emma and Zach meet.

I love that Zach and Emma are not living in denial to themselves. They may not have a clue about how the other feels and they sure aren’t letting their own cat out of the bag, but at least they can identify their own feelings. That alone is refreshing as a powdery snowfall!

Poor Emma is loaded with emotional conflict, enough to drive anyone crazy  but I love that she’s even tempered and very kind. And with the way I feel about software programs, I’m kind of in league with Zach about RangePro!

And the wonderful twins, Elizabeth and Rachel are almost “pros” themselves when it comes to  wrapping Uncle Zach around their tiny twin fingers. Way to go girls. Keep up the good work! And how much fun to see the Dubster again.

But my favorite character is Dutch. I love his lines and sense of humor. I could almost hear him snickering out loud while I read. He just enjoyed his holiday season more than a lot of folk, which is saying tons when you’re talking about the folk at Big Heart Ranch.

And there’s plenty of heart warming going on this Christmas season at a certain ranch in Oklahoma, but I’m not going to tell you who melts. You’ll have to read this sweet story yourself.

If you’re looking for a great holiday read with good writing, quick wit and a happy ending be sure to read Christmas with the Cowboy. Another good one from Tina Radcliffe.

If you click right here you’ll go straight to Christmas With the Cowboy on Amazon.


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