If you like horses and cowboys (and cowgirls) you’ll enjoy Tina Radcliffe’s new book, Falling for the Cowgirl. But cowgirls and horses are not the only attractive parts of the story. Falling for the Cowgirl, is book two in the Big Heart Ranch series. Big Heart Ranch is a home where disadvantaged kids can have an advantage. Who doesn’t enjoy heartwarming stories where kids are helped through their association with horses?

Clueless Cowboys Make me Laugh

We don’t meet many kids in this story but we do meet Travis who’s trying to make the ranch work in order to help kids. Travis makes me laugh because he has moments that he’s clueless. And we get to know AJ, who’s been at her own disadvantage for quite some time. Tina writes strong female characters who are just tough enough to identify with.

Do I love to Write Book Reviews?

I enjoy writing book reviews about as much as I enjoy writing a synopsis for my own work. And I’m  equally as good at both. In case you missed my sarcasm—my talent is not with a synopsis! I only write reviews on stories I can recommend, and I like the Big Heart series.

If you’ve gotten that book reviews aren’t my forte’ either, then you’ll understand why I only want to write a review once, so I’ll share my Amazon review for Falling for the Cowgirl in this post, but before I do I’ll say this story is on Amazon for preorder. Paperback is available on June 19, or look for it on Kindle July 1.

Congratulations, Tina for another good story.

My Official Review:

“This is a good story about two people with separate goals who have to overcome personal prejudices in order to succeed. Travis Maxwell wants to think he’s a modern man until he’s confronted with his own opinions about women doing what he considers man’s work, only AJ McAlester has the skills he needs to run the ranch and help him move it into the sustainable category to qualify for a needed grant. AJ has lost every ranching job she’s had for one unreasonable anti-woman reason after another, and when she’s given a three-month trial at Big Heart, she’s determined to prove that she’s up to the job. Travis has a fear of women running his life and AJ fears being run off the job. Can they come to terms and work together? But for how long?

I love this story because men who think woman can’t do certain jobs are common, and it is a pleasure to read about someone (even though she’s fictional) that overcomes the stigma and is seen for her real value. Also, the heroine is not a toughened, hard core individual. Even though she tries hard to overcome odds she’s still sensitive, and we see her emotionally wounded.

This is another wonderful story from Tina Radcliffe with her signature sharp wit and humor.

I received an advance copy of this story with no obligation to review. I chose to review it all on my own.”

When you have the opportunity to ready this book, why not come back and tell me how much you liked it?

And by the way, the hay I used in the back drop of this photo is brome, and the horses have long since eaten it.

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