Reno Helps Me Practice My Pitch


Mary Vee had a helpful post on pitching your story this week, and one of her suggestions was to pitch to the family pet, so I asked Reno to help me practice.  Practicing a pitch should be a cinch for someone who has taught riding as long as I have. At least that’s what I assumed. But whoa there. This is not easy.

An Easy Start

We started yesterday. Reno ate hay, and I groomed him. He committed to a full three weeks of daily practice after I promised a treat for each session. Today he got a carrot.

So Reno has the cushy job, and mine is a bit discouraging. Not only do I have to speak this to strangers, I had to decide what to say.

Video Practice

Today we did video of our practice. Boy! This definitely classifies as raw footage- no make-up, no fancy clothes, and no idea of where to hold the phone’s camera. And obviously no thought about lighting. We’ll see if we can get good videos of our pitches each week as we improve. (We’d better improve because, well, watch the videos!) Even our videoing will improve.

If after three weeks of practice while holding the camera myself, keeping Reno’s attention and trying to remember what I want to say, I’ll be able to give my pitch under pressure and with all sorts of distractions, any place, any time.

Reno is a tough audience, and just because he knows the author didn’t automatically earn my effort a positive review. I think he intends to make me work for his approval.

Come back next week and check our progress!

Hmm, I wonder if I can write-off Reno’s carrots as a writing business expense?


    1. Author

      Hi Stacy, Reno is a most special horse for me. Thanks for thinking he’s pretty. Since he was born in the wild, I like to tell people that God managed to do a pretty good job with His breeding program without man’s help. I’m blessed to have him.

  1. I looooved this so much!! Funny to see that perspective of a horse… he’s adorable but his nose looks so big 😂. I loved your pitches. Great hooks in each!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Lara. I’m kind of glad Reno can’t put his thoughts into words because I think he might have too much to say. He makes practicing my pitch a lot more fun.

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