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Aug 23

Horses for Writers-Are You Riding or Leading?

By BarbaraEllinFox | Writing

Recently I did a presentation called “Horses for Writers” for  my local ACFW chapter.  As I prepared, I was amazed at the amount of basic  equestrian terminology require for historical fiction. Horses were used for everything and a life without an equine meant less progress, less food, less travel, and more work. Writers of contemporary […]

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Aug 16

Riding, Teaching, Writing, & Critique

By BarbaraEllinFox | My Life

In 1969, before there were certifications for riding instructors, I graduated from a riding program in Maryland, certified to teach riding and train horses. The program was tough, backed by the Maryland Department of Education and the British Horse Society. In my class were students taking their final exam for fifth and sixth times. People […]

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Aug 09

Confessions From an Organic Writing Life

By BarbaraEllinFox | My Life

Organic Writing Organic writing is described as ‘seat of the pants’ writing where story falls out of the pen possibly leading down the dark halls of no return.  Adversaries claim the writer dives in and searches for story structure as they go. This opposes advocates of story structure, or architecture, for which the writer develops […]

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