June 25


The Rancher’s Redemption by Myra Johnson

By BarbaraEllinFox

Abuse, Interior Decoration, Myra Johnson, PTSD

A Sweet Small-Town Romance

Erin Dearborn finds her solitude and creative expression weaving beautiful baskets from natural material. It’s a hobby she keeps for herself and the people closest to her. Her confidence and self esteem have been destroyed by an abusive husband who took out his inadequacies on his wife.

When Erin meets Kent Ritter, an ex-serviceman rancher who wants solitude in order to keep his own emotional wounds safely hidden, she and her little daughter begin to work their way into his heart. The fact that Erin’s new home is a maintenance nightmare provides Kent with the incentive to help a neighbor.

Erin and Kent aren’t the only ones with emotional issues. Erin’s perceptive daughter has developed a fear of men. I love how Kent wins her over through her interest in horses.

Erin and Kent couldn’t be from more opposite sides of life. She’s an abused city girl with a young daughter, and he’s a loner country boy with a struggling ranch, but through encouraging each other on a creative project they find more similarities than differences. They also find the will to overcome the things that trouble them and threaten to drive them apart.

This is a sweet story about ordinary people overcoming big issues. I love Kent’s character and values. He has a great sense of humor, especially about his dog who has taken over the best seat in the house. Sometimes, Kent’s outlook seems a bit dull but his sensitivity shows us how smart he really is. 

As the relationship develops, we learn more about the depth of their traumas, and so do Kent and Erin. This story is a good example of small-town life, neighbor helping neighbor, and how simple encouragement can help people out of big problems.

There’s lots of redemption in The Rancher’s Redemption. I’ll leave you to discover who, or what, is actually redeemed in this story.

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