Anyone who has animals knows that sooner or later you must face end of life issues. It’s especially hard when the time comes for a longtime friend, like Chocolate Chip. Today was her day to go to greener pastures, so I thought I share with you some of my favorite photos.

Over her considerably long lifetime, Chippy played a roll in the lives of young riders in Missouri, Arizona, and New Mexico. My youngest daughter spent hours learning to ride on and growing up with Chip and many years later her daughter learned on the same pony.

Two generations of riders

In between my daughter and granddaughter, Chippy taught riding lessons, competed in horse shows, played games, and went to rallies in jumping and dressage

Chippy at rally
Chippy in dressage
Chippy Jumpng

She was an integral part of our first Know Down in Arizona where she was a model for parts of the horse. She had a fan club and even had a song composed for her by one of her riders. And Chip was responsible for giving that important first ride to many small children.

Chippy was a member of Oak Creek Pony Club in Arizona and Los Alamos Pony Club in New Mexico. One of her special talents was helping children in Eagle’s Wings therapeutic riding program.

Chippy’s summer haircut

Not many horses or ponies had a disposition as sweet as Chip’s. Easy to be around, easy with other horses, cooperative for everyone, she was a special pony whom we were fortunate to have in our lives and will dearly miss.

Chippy’s Christmas shoot

We purchased Chip in 1983. She was 36 years old when she died. Chocolate Chip wasn’t just a pony. She was part of our family.

Chippy and Rick

Chippy’s friend,

Barbara Ellin Fox

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  1. What a sad day for you. I know you’ll always miss her. I cried when we had to put our Ginger pony to sleep. She was a wonderful pony too. Love, Linda

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