Fiction by Barbara Ellin Fox

What I write:
I love inspirational romance with lots of adventure which naturally leads right into inspirational romantic suspense. And of course, an equestrian setting is my favorite.

With self-publishing so popular, authors today have many options, and each person must choose their own way to publication. I have my heart set on traditional publishing with my favorite publishing house and am willing to take the time to hone the skills to move in this direction. I like the idea of a publishing house structure and the accountability that goes along with it.

How did I get started?
I’ve been a writer from the beginning and assumed it was the normal for everyone to write about the things they loved. And boy did I love horses. There are no other horse lovers in my family or in my family tree and when I was a child, I was forbidden to discuss horses at the dinner table. My teachers in school suggested more than once that I find another topic to write about. And when I began teaching riding and training horses professionally, it was natural for me to write newsletters for clubs, lesson plans, and articles for horse publications. Blogging poured out of my fingertips combined with my other love, teaching.

I had no idea how much there was to learn about fiction. Writing was no longer just about the story in your mind. It became about conflict and tension, goals and motivation, formatting and grammar. And a million other things.

People are a huge part of a writer’s progress. Critique groups, contest judges, associations, courses, other authors. Every step I took, whether it was following a blog, entering a contest or joining an association, was connected to another person. Writers are an amazing group of individuals who invest in one another.  

My first steps were to join ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and find critique partners. I entered contests for the feed-back from judges. I took courses and read books about writing. Then I became involved in my local writers’ group. I joined RWA (Romance Writer’s of America). And I began going to conferences.  All of that was just the beginning. There is much more to learn. It’s a process that never ends.

In 2019 Linda S. Glaz of Hartline Literary Agency became my agent. Linda is a storehouse of knowledge on her own and I’m thrilled to work with her.

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