BarbaraEllinFoxBarbara has had a passion for writing since—forever, and she combines it with another passion, her life working with horses and horse lovers, to write stories about love, healing, hope and horses.

Long time blogger and author for TheRidingInstructor.net Barbara has spent a lifetime teaching riding and training horses on one hand, and writing curriculum for equestrian programs, articles for small horse publications, and newsletters on the other.

An avid reader, her love for writing fiction has been smoldering under the surface since writing a children’s story in 1995. Twenty years later she retired from the business of horses to write full-time.

With one manuscript in the final stages of edit and three others through first draft, Barbara enjoys plenty of time at the computer. When she’s not writing you can usually find her with one of the retired Thoroughbreds, or more likely with her buddy Reno, a Mustang captured from the hills of Northern Nevada.